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In India together with local partners, Fiber-X is developing a concept to utilize the crop residues to a high degree vs. burning the agro-waste residues every year.

The field burning is a global phenomenon, social & climate issue killing thousands of people annually and contributing to the increased pace of climate change.


Key to stop field burning is to allow incentive for local farmers to stop the tradition. Today burning is a fast way of clearing the field for new crop and some nutrients to the soil. The approach is to financially incentivise farmers on harvesting the residues, provide harvesting equipment and provide farmers with biochar to improve the crop yield.


In India we're planning to do exactly this. The concept will involve supplying local Indian communities with harvesting equipment, biochar and compensation for material. The agro residue collected will be utilized for novel bioplants producing packaging board, textile yarn from fibers, polyphenols, etc.

Concept can be copy-pasted to other areas globally where crop burning is an issue: Eastern Europe, Mexico, Africa, etc.