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In Fiber-X we believe strongly on the value and potential of agricultural residues e.g. straw, rice husk and short rotation coppices.

Utilization of agro-residues has the potential to mitigate health/climate issues related to field burning, extensive water consumption of cotton fiber.

Moreover: some of the materials like straw are superior compared to traditional wood fibers in selected end uses.


Products we are actively developing from agro-residues include: textile yarn, superior packaging products, package cushioning, thermal insulation panels, geopolymers for cement/artificial stone, polyphenols for healthcare/nutraceuticals/bioglue/medicines, paper batteries, etc.


If we can stop burning the fields, mitigate the use of cotton, improve local community living standards, reduce de-forestation and create a sustainable business around it - why not?

We're looking for partners around the globe to push these ecologically super-sound concepts through. You can join our network and help improving the world we're living in.